Primal rod co look at fly fishing rod design as part science and part art. From a scientific viewpoint we look to build our premium fly rod models with industry leading technology carefully incorporated into the rod to create true performance where it counts. on the flip side we believe our value rods stand out by offering technology and performance ahead of their price point. 

We purposefully don’t use the same technology in each model. some rods we want to be ultra light, others brutally strong, for longer rods we need technology that creates stability whilst on a short stream rod accuracy becomes everything.

Uunlike most industry players we don’t use turn-key fly rod factories. we source, design and coach our bespoke manufacturers to create truly remarkable fly rods. we make fly fishing rods that stand out from the pack by performing to the highest standards, not because we got wrapped up in someone else's pixie dust theory, but because we cut through the marketing bs and we have formulated designs that weave technology that matters into a deep understanding of how a rod casts, mends, plays fish and feels on the water … and that, our friends, is the art side of the equation.

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