Czech nymphing, recently back from Fishing in Alaska, I had taken three rods with various reels/lines, we fly fished for everything from Grayling to King Salmon.

My standout rods were as I have mentioned elsewhere my Redington Vapen 8 wt for King Salmon an exceptionally strong Rod, but the favourite my HANAK Czech nymphing , Alpin Nymph Multi length 5 wt coupled with a Sunray Czech nymph zero weight line (truth be known was to lazy to put on another line) however  short line Czech nymphing for Grayling and Arctic Char and Sockeye Salmon ?, or with heavier flies for Pike and Sockeye used the rig as a Nymphing setup the heavier flies getting the zero weight line out there so it was a double purpose rig.

We have two models of HANAK rod in stock the Champion and the Alpen,  though the Alpen is to be replaced with another model shortly both multi length 9ft 6i thru 10 and 11ft respectively can be used equally as a Czech or Nymph Rod, extendable by inserting additional sections near the butt, very strong well made Rods.

Redington, Airflo, Echo coupled with either the zero Czech nymph lines from SUNRAY, Airflo, or Rio.