Czech Nymph specialists

With a lot of trout in our rivers, now is a great opportunity to “up skill” your Angling techniques, discover something new !.

We have a range of Czech nymph “specific” rods and combo’s from $380 to rod only $500 along with Czech nymph flies,  HANAK fluro carbon exceptionally thin, SUNRAY Micro thin fly lines.

When executed properly Euro Nymphing is most effective in reducing drag, allowing greater detection of any strike  A/ Because there is no suspended Indicator B/ The fly line (zero weight) is suspended above the water. The sighter or depth indicator as I like to call it is a visual indicator tied into the leader usual lya peace of coloured mono.

The thin line and leader further reduces drag allowing the nymphs to drift naturally sub surface.

Brands in stock  HANAK Alpin and Champion both are extendable from 9ft 6 thru 10 and 11ft, The Redington Hydrogen 4 wt which I tried  and was very impressed with, The Echo Shadow II 11ft, Airflo SLN 9ft 6 plus 6 extension.

All have been designed to “flick” get the nymphs out through the flex in the rod tip which is an essential feature, distance is not the objective as in traditional nymph fishing. When buying a Czech or Euro nymph rod you are looking for flex-ability which suits you.

As you would/should perhaps a fast or slow action Nymphing Rod, depending on where you fish perhaps.

Many anglers now carrying two rods, one a Nymph setup, one a Euro nymph setup on a day trip allowing for different water structures.

Your Euro nymph setup getting the flies into situations not suited to the traditional method.

With each Euro nymph Rod or setup  we offer two hrs of tuition in the basics of Euro nymphing, or you may like my “Buddy Service” $250 for 5 hrs ( the pre-requisite is you know how to fly fish already)