I am Euro nymphing 90% of the time I fish wherever that might be, for me I like the challenge of close fishing, presenting small flies, using a very light rod 3 or 4 weight, the ability to fish fast water and pockets typical Nymph rigs do not generally work as effectively in.

Euro nymphing like anything else needs to be understood and learn’t properly to appreciate it.

Let me dispel a few myths, based on shop conversations and what I have observed, it is not necessary to use over weighted

“point flies” , some find it necessary usually because the rod being used is not flexible or soft enough in the tip, any old 9ft 6 or 10ft rod will work but not as good as a purpose designed euro nymph rod by

the people (Europeans) who have been fishing this way for decades ! fact. Euro nymph lines such as HANAK or VISION , Airlo or Rio do not require additional extra long leaders.

Tip : Get a stick or peace of dowel about 600 long squeeze a peace of clay or similar on the end and try to flick it in a straight line, when you can do it, this is the basis for your Euro nymph technique ?.

If distance is your objective get a spey rod or stick with basic nymphing, (or take up knitting LOL)