Fishing report July 16th,

What a week it was wind, snow, a bit of rain river only peaked at 32 cumecs, currently 28, needless to say there was not a lot of anglers out on the river, however during the mayhem

the trout will have taken advantage of the conditions to get up river. Heard a few people saying the river was full of anglers yesterday (Saturday), it was if you were at the popular pools. While out taking photographs,

the places I went, not an angler in sight, there are lots of areas to fish when the pressure is on the “go to pools”, as the fish are not getting hammered your chances of success increase greatly.

The fish are there in numbers but the river relatively low and clear so a little stealth is required, until the snow melt lifts the level to a normal winter flow of 30 cumecs plus, some tips, reduce the weight and size of your nymphs, Indicator, leader length ?.

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