Fly Fishing,

they say “where the trout live is beautiful “and I think it is, Fly fishing is not just about catching trout, it is about where you go to fish, is about the beauty of the river, the birds, the bush, the hills, aware of your surroundings, an appreciation of nature, a quiet time, space. Is the expectation of getting to that place,  packing your lunch and a thermos of tea, putting the fly rod together, choosing a fly, quiet the mind and relish the day.

Fishing or not to be near a river is a pleasure in itself,

The Tackle Shop, (one which has been part of the scene for many many years) is an integral part of the fly fishing experience where the staff know you by name, who get “out there” at every opportunity, who know the rivers in the area, where advise is given from experience, knowledge and passion.