Well, what a fantastic experience it has been taking over the Creel, very mind-boggling but absolutely fantastic meeting so many new people and reconnecting with all our old clients and friends.

It has been great to meet Deb and Grant and even better to work with them on this great business they have developed over the last few years.

Of course, we are delighted to keep all the existing staff, which you all know are brilliant.

I don’t think I have ever seen Tracy so happy, she absolutely loves the cafe side of things, and I am sure you will see some of her old favourite dishes at the cafe.

Creel Tackle House Turangi

Tackle Shop

It has been fantastic to bring some new products into the fishing shop, and we have some really incredible products and ideas in progress, which is extremely exciting.

Fishing supplies Turangi
scott fishing supplies
airflo fishing for sale turangi
Waterworks fishing supplies turangi
loon fishing products turangi

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are now the stockist for the amazing:

Scott fly rod and Lamson reels

We also have a great range of C&F design fly boxes and loon fishing accessories.

Fishing / Guiding Talk

Very excited to acquire a private fishing block with easy access to all sight fishing with good size browns and rainbows, as well as guided free range hunting on three perfect blocks for red deer/ fallow and Sika.

Through all this, we have had some perfect guiding days, some exceptional backcountry just before the rivers closed, even a bit of dry fly action, great to see all the systems producing so well. It seems this year where ever you fish, the fish are bigger than usual.

The adjustments that the Department of Conservation made a few years back to the size and bag limit has certainly had a significant impact for the better of the amazing Taupo fishery.

Tauranga Taupo river mouth

With the Lake being so low, it has made the drop off of the Tauranga Taupo river mouth very accessible, and the fisherman and women have definitely made the most of it with some excellent fishing out there. However, you do have to be very careful as it is easy to slip over the lip. 

Nothing new white boobies and Glo bugs doing the damage.


Tauranga Taupo River

Great reports; however, the fish seem to be moving through pretty quickly. A mate of mine was up there one day, landed a massive number of fish, went back the next afternoon, and only got one.

Best flies- red nymph / black nymph and Glo bug.

The Delta

Delta is also going very well; most people are amazed at how well they are doing out there, and the boaties report huge pods of fish sitting around that area.


Tongariro River

Well, everyone is pleased and everyone catching fish and reporting big fish landed and lost. 

I know with the guiding, we are landing a lot of fish around that 5/6lbs mark extremely pleasing.

Almost everyone coming in this week is talking green caddis; however, as the river drops a little, that will change and go back to normal.


Hinemaiaia River

Very slow to start this year but well and truly firing now.

Everyone reported great numbers and great fish.

Without a doubt going to be an absolutely amazing August and September in the Taupo fishery this year 

fishing guide tongariro

Be sure to call into the Creel for the best info and gear and to have a look at our fantastic new products; we also sell some of our products online at our store 

If you want a great day of guided fishing, give us a call at 0276006344 or email us. 

Also, our backcountry days are filling up already, so make sure you book early for a truly mind-blowing experience.


Jason and Tracey