Fishing Report 9th July, Not much to say except this is without a doubt one of the best winters in a very long time for numbers and size of the trout

in all rivers in the Taupo area, including the river mouths at the Lake, 4lb is the norm expect Rainbows up to 8lbs

The coming week’s weather forecast is for a polar blast which will drive more fish up the rivers, if reports from the Delta are correct we will see Rainbows up to 8lb.

The method of fishing does not matter all are producing, Red Rabbits are popular, Natural nymph, Glo bugs, Whatever.

We support the new bag limit, a perfect season to be taking fish, trout in prime condition are beautiful smoked, as is the Roe, you can find recipes online how to preserve this “caviar” ,

Poached trout is also delicious.

If  really want to prove yourself as an angler, have some fun, try Czech nymphing.

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The trout here was 4lb in prime condition, caught using a HANAK Alpen Rod 5wt, with HANAK Reel, and SUNRAY Line