Our History


Our History


Established in 1920’s

Turangi Tongariro great kiwi holiday aways has and always will be.

Tackle Shop and Guiding business is the only remaining commercial survivor from the original sleepy little village.

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fisherperson, our guides are dedicated to providing the best fly fishing or lake fishing experience on Lake Taupo and surrounding rivers.   Professionally trained fly fishing guides will get you to the best fishing water available.


From the good old days on Taupahi Rd.

The tackle shop and guiding business was established in the early 1920s by Joe Frost a famous guide who operated out of Taylors camp, he operated the store for some thirty years 1920 to about 1950 when he sold out to Geoff (pop) Sanderson.

Back in 1941 Geoff Sanderson created a trout fly, the Red Setter, probably the wet fly responsible for catching more fish in the Taupo region than any other during this time.

Such was the fame and reputation of this tackle shop, the structure was bought and shifted down the street and restored on the present location beside Creel Lodge.

The tackle shop was then owned by the Franks, Frank Schlosser, Frank and Carol Harwood all famous trout fishing guides in the area, the Harwoods still available for guiding.

Then in 1997 Brian Scott (Scotty) bought the business and has been there for the past 16 years until recently.

Way back when…

Old men still wore sports jackets, cheese cutters, and rubber waders, some still used split cane rods and nymphing was unheard of. The average fish was 5lb, river etiquette expected, I was too intimidated to fish the mighty Tongariro so did my apprenticeship on the TT and Hinemaia. Buying my flies from the “Redsetter”  and “Creel Tackle House” picking up any tips I could like a sponge, my fishing book collection grew over the years along with a fine collection of old fishing “stuff”. We fished daylight until dusk, bagging, smoking, often 8 fish a day, the fun and humour with Zack, Pete and the boys cherished for ever, time moved on. Fishing trips, rivers, locations, guiding heli-fishing in the South Island high country amidst spectacular mountain scenery, experiences created a wonderful fly fishing history, I am most fortunate – Grant Alley.

My most memorable of mentors was Cliff the barber from Bulls, I still wash my hair with sunlight Cliff, and use a hogs hair brush. – Grant Alley

And Now…

Grant and Deb Alley are the new owners of the Creel Tackle House,  adding a small cafe. All are welcome to come on in for breakfast, lunch or a coffee and a chat, read the paper and simply relax. If we can help you with fishing tackle, a licence or a fishing report great, love to see you. The Creel Tackle House and Cafe.

putting the passion back into flyfishing”. – Grant Alley


There are simply no other tackle shops in N.Z which enjoy such a rich history as the Creel Tackle House & Cafe.

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You know how to fish, you have all your own gear, you simply want a companion who will listen to your fishing tails and get you to the action with some instruction if need be.