From a recent discussion, if there were no fishing reports, as anglers regardless we would be looking forward to a fishing trip with anticipation, get the gear out, check it all, pack the clothes, food, set off, settle in the accommodation, prepare the tackle, finally get out on the river and it’s environs, listen to the river the birds the smells the sounds, your there in your special place, sometimes you catch a trout 1,5,20 or a big fat zero, did it matter, I don’t think so !

ANYWAY here is my take on the last months fishing, the “quarrie” have been coming thru the river in dribs and drabs particularly into the lower reaches, the upper river is either on or off, reports from DOC are that there are not as yet a lot of fish in the very upper river beyond the winter fishing limit, not surprising as this does not happen for another month or more, we have had a couple of weeks of relatively fine dry weather, the river level at or below 30 cumecs, today however there is an approaching front the barometer is dropping slowly ( i would wager there will be fish caught mid river over the next few days), by the way the trout centre stream has a large number  of “large” rainbows in it, great to see. I recall some great fishing back in May which will be the reason for the numbers of kelts also in the river.

Yesterday I saw photographs of some magnificent fish caught over the weekend, all in all I believe we have a lot of good fish yet to make their way up river, egg patterns have worked well.

Little back waters small pockets have produced fish euro nymphing for me.