This Fresh Run Rainbow Tongariro River Trout caught 2nd June, the past week had been a little slow, in other words you needed to move about

to find the run of fish which went upstream the previous week, this morning 4th June it appears another run of fish was on the way through, probably bought about by the drop in temperatures overnight.

Anglers reporting nice fish caught this morning.

A few tips

For those who do not smoke fish often, if using the standard hot smoke method in the small stainless smoker, place the fish on the rack skin up any liquid formed during the process will not leak

on to the flesh, discard the meths, just place the smoker into /onto a bbq or portable gas stove, meths in a burner taints the fish.

Use Meldon salt, raw sugar and pepper when preparing, spread over and leave in the fridge for a few hours, wash off, dry smoke, enjoy on crackers with wasabi paste.

Do not use ,over weighted nymphs, they need to drift naturally along or near the bottom, your leader not much longer than your rod.