Waders, Magnum,Scierra, Redington neoprene and breathable.

Magnum waders made in N.Z for over 30 years, come in Black,Olive,Camouflage off the shelf or made to order for the odd shaped ??,

seams which are glued not stitched these waders will only last about 30 years ?.

We only stock waders which in our opinion go the distance, remember there are two sorts of waders those which do not leak yet and those that leak, ALL WADERS WILL LEAK AT SOME POINT,

so why on earth would you pay a fortune ?. If you only fish a couple of times a year or a few hours at a time you cannot go past Hodgman gumboot foot breathable waders (slim fitting only), we have sold a good number of these with NONE returned, Redington Sonic Pro HD featuring Sonic welded seams 4 layers our most expensive, very well constructed and will last longer.