Tongariro River Winter fly fishing

We, along with others have been saying this winter fishing season will be one to remember for good size and conditioned fish.

For some time now most local anglers have been catching very nice fit trout in exceptional condition, the Browns this year have been in good numbers.

All methods working well, there is a trend towards lighter rods we notice, particularly and perhaps because of Czech nymphing, 5 and 6 weights popular.

There is good fishing throughout the river, a reminder, do not stand in one place to long you will increase your catch the more you move up and down a stretch of river, change flies often if your not catching

If you are not aware get to know river etiquete – do not jump in above an angler who is fishing upstream, or below and angler wet lining – communicate with other anglers before launching yourself into their space ?

We have in stock SUNRAY fly lines, please come and try a demo line, ultra light and micro thin fly lines, these lines are easier to cast in windy conditions,

pick up with less drag on the water, and you will cast further easily.