Getting Stated with Streamer Fishing

Streamer fishing, often overlooked but cherished by many, is a close second place to dry flies as my favourite rig to use for trout. The aggressive chases and eats add another element to the joy of fly fishing. In this guide, we will delve into the art of streamer fishing in New Zealand, focusing on the Taupo region, and explore a few key tips that are essential to making this technique successful.

Here’s a few top tips that are key in making this technique successful…

Embrace a Little Murkiness: Perfect Conditions

In the world of streamer fishing, a river that's clearing but still slightly dirty is a dream come true. This condition provides the perfect backdrop for streamer success. It entices the trout to be more aggressive, believing that the prey is nearby. Recently the Tongariro has had a fair bit of snow melt, giving just enough colour to create some excellent streamer fishing conditions.

Get Close to the Bank: The Bounce Technique

When streamer fishing, I prefer to position myself in the river's centre, either from a boat or while wading. My casts are so close to the bank that half the time, they bounce off rocks and dive into the water. This technique mimics the behaviour of baitfish hugging the shoreline, a favourite hiding spot for trout.

Master the Art of Presentation: Mend, Wiggle, Wiggle

Presentation is everything when it comes to streamer fishing. The key is to make your streamer act like a nervous prey item. Avoid casting upstream directly to a fish, as it can appear predatory. Instead, fish across or downstream, making the fly seem like it's desperately trying to escape. Here's the breakdown:

  • Cast at the Bank: Aim your cast close to the riverbank, where the trout might be lurking.
  • Mend: Use your rod to manipulate the line, directing the fly upstream to create a natural drift.
  • Wiggle, Wiggle: As you strip in line, wiggle the rod tip to make the streamer shake, simulating the erratic movement of a frightened baitfish.

    Equipment Matters: Choosing the Right Gear

    To maximize your success in streamer fishing, make sure you have the appropriate equipment:

    • Rod and Reel: Opt for a medium to heavy-weight fly rod and reel combo to handle larger fish. I prefer a 9”6 6 weight, or #7 weight rod.
    • Lines: Sink-tip or full sinking lines work well for streamer fishing in deeper waters. Airflo streamer max, or 40+ are excellent choices.
    • Leaders and Tippet: Use strong leaders and tippet materials to withstand the force of trophy trout. We use a minimum of 10IB, but ideally higher.

    My Favourite set up: 

    • Rod: 9’6 6weight medium fast- fast action rod.
    • Reel: -7+ reel to hold big heavy lines with large arbor and smooth brake
    • Leader: Rod Length 2x.
    • Knot: non slip loop knot.  
    • Fly: Galloups mini dungeon in barred olive #6

    Recommended Fly Rod Reel Setup

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    Recommended Fly Line Business End Setup

    The Killer fly that catches more than the others is:

    Galloups Sex Dungeon

    Our Other Streamer Flies