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Experience the very best of New Zealand's Central North Island fly fishing
Fish of a lifetime

We offer you the opportunity to catch the trophy trout of a lifetime in the stunning wilderness of the Central North Island. Our experienced guides have unrivalled knowledge of the region's pristine rivers, including the Rangitikei, Tongariro, Whanganui, Whapkapapa, Ngaruroro, Mohaka and the Lake Otamangakau.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, our guides will not only take you to the best spots but also provide expert insights and techniques to increase your chances of landing that elusive trophy trout. Join us for an unforgettable adventure, and let us help you make your dream of catching the fish of a lifetime a reality.

Our Guides

We are locals, we live right next to the Tongariro. We fish and guide the rivers in the central north island all year long. You can't beat our local experience and knowledge of the fishing in this area.

As locals, we are deeply invested in preserving the natural beauty and ecology of our rivers. By choosing us, you support a guide service that is committed to sustainable and responsible fishing practices, ensuring that future generations can also enjoy these pristine waters.

Multi-Day Trip

We highly recommend to book a number of days. This allows you time to adjust to our unique style of fly fishing and New Zealand's wily trout. It also allows more travel time to give you better chances of success on each given day dependant on weather conditions.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with the best possible opportunity to land the fish of your dreams. With multiple days, you'll have more time to explore different locations, find the hotspots, and make the most of your fishing adventure.

1 Hour Free Casting Tuition

If you purchase any rod over $500, you will receive a FREE 1 hour casting tuition from one of our experienced fishing guides.


Jason Bethune - Creel Fishing Guide

Jason is our head guide for good reason he has been guiding for years and can offer you a fishing experience of a lifetime. Including Heli fishing / raft fishing/ quad bike fishing over many famous rivers he also has a great love for the mighty trophy Lake Otamangakau.

25% deposit required for all bookings.

Hamish - Creel Fishing Guide

I have an extensive fishing background from all over New Zealand starting from a very early age. I've been lucky enough to fish the stunning South Island rives, like the world famous Mataura River. To the amazing North island lakes, rivers and streams.

25% deposit required for all bookings.

Louise - Creel Fishing Guide

25% deposit required for all bookings.
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