Creel Cafe

Everything is made fresh daily on site including our pastry.
Totally mouth watering. Creel Cafe Brioche has become somewhat of a Lake Taupo institution and is the reason its guests keep returning again and again. Whether you are out on the trails – biking or walking, going for a wonderful drive, or catching some trout, Creel Cafe is the perfect place to pick up your lunch to go or to sit and soak in the atmosphere.

Here at Creel Cafe we are about all things: coffee, divine food, experience, sharing and social space. We believe that an experience should go with the food, so we created a lovely nook for you. We are simple but precise, all our drinks are made fresh to order – after you order it! We like your coffee experience to be consistent, so we measure and use only quality ingredients. Coffee like life should be finely tuned so we spent some time getting it right – all before you showed up! Coffee consistency is such an important factor, isn’t it?