06/05/24 Winter is here + Guiding Special!

06/05/24 Tongariro River Level: 27.2 Cumecs in Turangi.

The weather is looking consistently fine for the foreseeable forecast, so no river top up's for the next while. But there are plenty of fresh fish up all the rivers at the moment.

The fly doing the damage for us is our home tied "Creel Slush Fly UV", created by Jason. We have just topped up these flies in store and online. Link:https://creeltackle.com/products/creel-flies-creel-slush-fly-uv?_pos=1&_sid=45325e886&_ss=r

Pair this fly with a heavy bomb. We recommend Jason's signature Rainbow Raider in a size 10 or 8. Link:  https://creeltackle.com/products/jasons-guide-flies-jasons-rainbow-raider?_pos=1&_sid=060b21fd1&_ss=r

Remember when nymphing the deep pools, go nice and deep below the indicator. I generally use just under a rod length of 8-10IB Trout Hunter Fluoro Carbon Tippet, under the indicator to the first fly (If you keep snagging, go shorter).

We find at this time of year, the back country also gets neglected, so don't be shy to head further afield, there are some great fish heading up all the systems.

Nymphing isn't the only effective method at the moment, swinging big wet flies at the river mouths or up river is proving to be very solid - I find trailing a glo bug behind the wet fly is also another good way to grab their attention.

10% off guiding for the next 2 months (expires 06/07/24), so make the most of it and book in a half or full day- its the best time of year to learn! or just have a great time catching fish.

If you have any more questions, please give us a call, or come in for advice and/or a coffee.