Established in 1993, C&F Design have led the way in the design and innovation of fly boxes, fly tying tools and vices and fly fishing accessories.

Many companies have tried to copy C&F products but no one does it better than C&F.

Their unique products are the result of years of development in the lab and on the water, and it's taken refinement by Japanese designers to create fly boxes, fly fishing accessories, and fly tying tools with such exceptional functionality.

C&F Design (16)

C&F Design® Medium Lightweight Chest Storage CFA-810 MKII


C&F Universal Fly Fishing Chest Storage System


C&F CFA-70 2-N-1 Fly Fishing Retractor


C&F CFA-25 Micro Slit Foam Fly Protector


C&F CFA-50MSF Micro Slit Foam Fly Fishing Chest Patch


C&F Large Universal System Fly Fishing Patch


C&F Medium Universal System Fly Fishing Patch


C&F Small Universal System Fly Fishing Patch


C&F Fly Fishing Chest Box