C&F CFA-830- Universal System Chest Storage
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C&F CFA-830- Universal System Chest Storage

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The chest storage has evolved with a foam changer.

You can transfer and use two whole system foams used in boat boxes and universal fly cases.
In addition to the two system foams, two microslit foams are standard equipment on the flip, so you can carry the required and sufficient amount of fly compactly.
When you want to fish lightly or when you carry a daypack on your back, you have completed a system that is as easy to use as possible.

-Two standard-equipped foam changers, large size standard system foam and large size midge system foam, are included.
A tippet holder that can store 3 tippets is standard equipment on the back.
The attached hook case can be used to store small indicators and shots.
The standard oval magnetic fly patch uses a powerful neodymium magnet to hold the fly securely.

Weight: 273.5g