AFTCO Sun Mask Nukam Green Camo UPF40+
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AFTCO Sun Mask Nukam Green Camo UPF40+

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The AFTCO Nukam sun mask is an awesome addition to your fishing gear. It can be worn as a fishing sun mask
around the neck, or to cover from your eyes down.

AFTCO sun masks feature a tapered design for protection of neck, head or face. The Mesh breathing panel
help to keep you cool on a hot day, as you are not breathing recycled hot air, and prevents fogging of your sunglasses.
If you are fishing in the sun, the sun mask is the answer to keeping that burn off. For all of you
fisherman that forget to apply sunscreen, this is your ticket to UV protection.

It is also great for keeping biting insects off your face.

Quick dry, anti-microbial, 100% polyester, UPF 40. Available in several colour options.

92% polyester / 8% elastane blend
UPF 40 Blocks 97% of the Sun’s harmful UV Rays
Mesh breathing panel so you do not fog up your glasses
Ergonomic design, flatlock stitching
Color; Green Camo
One size fits most