C&F 5012 Trout Guide Boat Box
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C&F 5012 Trout Guide Boat Box

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It is a large boat box for salt water that can be used by removing the attached system foam and shifting to a small fly case.
You can customise the system for each foam for each pattern, such as baitfish, crab, and shrimp.
When you find a tailing and get off the boat to approach it, the problem caused by storing all the flies you have in a big box is serious.
In such a situation, we solved the trouble of transferring small flies stuck in a boat box to a portable fly box one by one.
C&F DESIGN's boat box is the only system that can easily solve such a "hook problem".

Attached foam: L size saltwater system foam [6 tarpons / 3 permits / 3 bonefish].