C&F CFT-61 Fly Tying Midge Bobbin
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C&F CFT-61 Fly Tying Midge Bobbin

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Adopted a tube suitable for ultra-fine threads. Ideal for extremely delicate work. Holds the material firmly when you release your hand while tying with its own weight (17g). A micro slit foam is set at the entrance to prevent the thread from coming off the tube or getting entangled with the arm by applying appropriate tension. The Teflon-painted integrated arm has a smooth bobbin rotation and stable tension.

  • Ceramic (zirconia) tube is used
  • Dedicated bobbin threader included
  • Micro Slit Foam in the tube constantly puts tension to the thread, and prevents the tube clogging
  • Non-slip knurling and cylinder lines on the body
  • Sufficient weight keeps tension on the material by just hanging
  • Original bobbin tube, made of Zirconium ceramic, reduces the risk of thread breakage