Innovation Vac & Seal Rolls 28cm x 5m (2 pack)
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Innovation Vac & Seal Rolls 28cm x 5m (2 pack)

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Convenient smaller size roll

Use these rolls with our very popular Innovation’s Vac & Seal or any other vacuum sealer unit.

2 rolls at 5m x 28cm each per pack.

* Convenient rolls to easily create your own size bags

* Microwave Safe

* Dishwasher Safe

* Ideal for Sous Vide Cooking

Vacuum Sealing is Perfect for keeping your food fresh and safe in the fridge or freezer with no risk of freezer burn or drying out. The perfect companion to your Smoker, and for preserving and protecting anything from your belongings when in the car, boating, camping, or hiking, to extra food storage for leftovers or preserving your Day’s Catch of Fish or Game. With our handy Bags, or Roll Pack sold separately – you’ll find your perfect answer with your Vacuum Packing Heat Sealer System.