Jetboil Flash™ Camping Stove
Jetboil Flash™ Camping Stove
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Jetboil Flash™ Camping Stove

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Ideal in camping and hiking, the jetboil flash stove is the most versatile in the range of stoves and it is very easy to use.

With a cup of one liter incorporating a temperature indicator and a piezzo ignition system, the Flash Carbon Jetboil stove is the perfect stove for all your adventures.

Jetboil gas stoves are distinguished from other conventional stoves thanks to their flame optimization system:


This system allows you to concentrate the power of the flame on a surface without letting the air pass so that your stove heats up much faster (boiling time for 0.5 liters:

2 min).


Cooking cup 1 liter flower with insulating socket.

Thermochromatic heat change indicator color.

Practical and reliable button lighter.

The lower lid also serves as a cup to be measured and a bowl.

Compatible accessories include coffee press, suspension kit, pot support, frying stove, switching fuelring and utensils.

Other characteristics:

- Compatible with all JetBoil accessories.

- Tripod included.

Gas cartridge not included.