Kilwell Snagless Drift Sinker
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Kilwell Snagless Drift Sinker

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The long slender shape of the Kilwell Snag-less sinker allows it to glide over heavy cover while
giving the fisherman a better feel of the bottom, without tumbling, twisting, or impeding bait/lure action.
Extensive field-testing of the Snag-less Sinker in ‘unfishable’ areas of lakes, rivers, and ocean has
yielded 95-percent snag-free results!
This streamlined sinker innovation enables anglers to target fish rocks, reefs, weeds, and stump fields like
never before, with less chance of snagging your line due to an awkward shaped sinker.

Perfect for drift fishing in freshwater using jig rigs for trout, or in the ocean with softbait droppers and flasher rigs.
The streamlined arrow shape of these sinkers means you will also get your hooks to the action much faster.