Maxima Ultragreen 100M Spools
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Maxima Ultragreen 100M Spools

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At Maxima, creating monofilament fishing lines of unparalleled quality is a passion that began 40 years ago. Nestled in the hills of Germany's Bavaria region is Maxima's state-of-the-art research, development and manufacturing facility. Here, today's most advanced and precise line extrusion technology transforms extremely pure, virgin nylon formulations into the world's highest quality monofilament. To ensure 100% consistency, it all takes place under the intense scrutiny of Maxima's uncompromising quality control engineers. For shipment, spools are carefully packed in special cartons and containers, spools are meticulously stored, so you can always be confident that the Maxima line you buy today is as fresh as the day it was created.

To order more than 100m of one size adjust the quantity box and we'll send them as continuous lengths (max 600m)

Maxima Ultragreen is a popular tippet and leader material, good abrasion resistance. I've used it to make my own tapered leaders, using various different sizes to make the perfect leader.

And popular for salmon fishing too because of its abrasion resistance.