Scientific Anglers Mastery Anadro/Nymph Floating Fly Line Green/Yellow
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Scientific Anglers Mastery Anadro/Nymph Floating Fly Line Green/Yellow

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Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Smooth Floating flyline: ANADRO

If you're anything like us, the allure of big fish and big rivers is intoxicating. That's precisely why
we created the Anadro fly line. Designed with line control in mind, its extended rear taper allows you
to cast a mile, mend with authority, and turn over nearly any rig imaginable from dredging double nymphs
to larger dry-dropper concoctions.
Steelhead, salmon, and trout won't know what hit them.

Extended rear taper for line control, long-distance casting
Ideal for roll casting and long-distance mending
High-vis and high-floating yellow tip
Overweighted to assist in turning over heavy rigs
For use in moderate and cold climates
Overline one size for switch rods
Braided multifilament core
NZ available: WF5 - WF9

Colour: Front taper and part of belly: Yellow. Rest of Line: Green

SA ID - SA MS ANADRO WF X F (X = line weight)

WF-4-F 60.0' / 18,3m100.0' / 30,5m150gr / 9,7g
WF-5-F 60.0' / 18,3m100.0' / 30,5m175gr / 11,3g
WF-6-F 60.0' / 18,3m100.0' / 30,5m200gr / 12,8g
WF-7-F 61.0' / 18,6m100.0' / 30,5m225gr / 14,5g
WF-8-F 62.0' / 18,9m100.0' / 30,5m260gr / 16,8g
WF-9-F 63.0' / 19,2m100.0' / 30,5m305gr / 19,8g
WF-10-F 63.0' / 19,2m100.0' / 30,5m355gr / 23,0g
Grain weight for the first 30'

Part No.Product Title
123815S.A. Mastery Anadro WF5F Grn/Yellow
123822S.A. Mastery Anadro WF6F Grn/Yellow
123839S.A. Mastery Anadro WF7F Grn/Yellow
123846S.A. Mastery Anadro WF8F Grn/Yellow
123853S.A. Mastery Anadro WF9F Grn/Yellow