Scott Swing - Big, Bigger and Biggest
Scott Swing - Big, Bigger and Biggest
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Scott Swing - Big, Bigger and Biggest

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Let's be honest, there's not a huge selection of practical applications for this length of rod here in Australia and New Zealand, but that doesn't mean you folks don't travel. If you are keen to get one of these precision rods, then get in touch with your local Manic Dealer and we will get one made for you from the legends at Scott.


Long rods

Perfect for longer bellies, the furthest distances, and most line control.


While this rod casts shorter heads and sink tips with grace and ease, it’s our number one choice when choosing a longer belly line and making long-distance tight loop casts.  A perfect rod for most of B.C. and most Atlantic salmon.



Like its lighter line weight sibling above, this rod casts very long tight loops. It’s our choice when sink tips are the norm and for targeting the biggest salmon and steelhead.



Clearwater, Skeena, Gaula, anywhere you fish big water for big fish. Massive casts and incredible line control give you the ability to fish the furthest seams and lies. Powerful butt sections let you turn heavy fish in heavy currents.


Viking Sticks

These Scandinavian style rods are faster in action than the long rods above. They are very light in hand for their length and line weight, and they produce very tight loops and high line speeds.


The do-it-all Scandi rod. A joy to cast and fish due to it’s light in hand feel, easy of casting, and incredible line speed. Conquer fish the world over with this rod.



When your fishing calls for 700 grains or more, and you need to make the longest casts in search of mythical fish, this is your rod.  



Like its younger sibling above but with a touch of extra line control, and ease of fishing even longer belly lines. Our pick for fishing the biggest waters for the biggest fish.