Simms BackSaver Wading Belt
Simms BackSaver Wading Belt
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Simms BackSaver Wading Belt

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Reduces Lower Back Pain & Stress, 30" to 46"

Show off your Simms Fishing pride with this premium Back Saver Fishing Belt. The Simms logo is placed on the back of the belt. THICK, CUSHIONED BELT: This back-saving fishing belt is crafted from 2-inch wide nylon webbing. The back support is thick, comfortable thermoformed foam. You’ll get the support you need, without the bulk of a back brace. The Simms BackSaver weighs only 8 oz. ADJUSTABLE BACK BELT: This fishing belt is fully adjustable. It can be adjusted from 30 to 46 inches. This belt also has a front quick-release buckle. BACK SUPPORT WHILE FISHING: Whether you’re leaning forward, or hauling in a big fish, every angler knows fishing can put a lot of stress on your lower back. Secure this comfortable back support around your midsection to reduce back stress and fatigue allowing you to stay out and catch fish longer. BACKSAVER WADING BELT: Greatly reduce lower back stress and fatigue with the Simms BackSaver Wading Belt. This belt is a must-have for any angler with a back. Wet Wipe Clean. Buckle closure. Made in the USA or Imported. 100% Nylon.