Vision XO Fly Reel
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Vision XO Fly Reel

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Timeless piece of art with world-class break.

A premium reel requires a world-class brake, plenty of line capacity, a light but still durable construction and last but definitely not least a unique wine glass design to clearly separate it from all the other reels on the market. Those were our main targets with XO fly reels.

XO, Merisuola and Predator reels have almost identical built-in mechanism and design. The only difference between the reels is the make-up and availability in class range. All of them are designed to match our XO, Merisuola and Predator rod ranges. They all are highly recognized world-class fly reels with exceptional brake power. You can pick the one that fits your style best.

XO range available from #5-6 to #12+.