Woodstock Lead Core Line 18lb 100yd Clam
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Woodstock Lead Core Line 18lb 100yd Clam

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Trolling through summers heat can be the best way to connect with more fish more often.
Fish that were concentrated near the surface or in springtime shallows have now gone deeper or
spread more widely in a lakes open waters.
No other method can present an array of lures at such a variety of depths as trolling, while covering
such a broad swath of water. But theres more to trolling than simply dragging a lure behind a boat.

Lead-core line is the easiest, least expensive way to run lures deep. Lead-core is just that: a single-strand
lead wire inside a UV resistant braided nylon covering.
Breaking strain of the line is available in 18lb or 27lb. Both lines use the same weight
of lead core line, only the outer covering changes. The heavier breaking strain will be a thicker line
so will need a larger capacity reel and will have more resistance in the water. So if you want maximum
depth when trolling use the 18lb breaking strain line.

The line is marked by a colour change every 10 yards, which makes it easy to tell roughly how much
line is extended. In general, each colour in the water adds 5 to 8 feet of trolling depth,
depending on trolling speed and diameter of your line.

** Tip; The optimum speed we have found to trigger a strike from NZ trout is 2 to 3 km per hour,
and the thinner 18lb line will run deeper than 36lb line. **

Available in 18lb or 27lb line weights, as a single 100yd spool.

Woodstock lead core trolling line is a high quality line, made in the USA.